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How to insert data in sql server using asp with c sharp

♠ Posted by uvesh in

Insert Data in Sql server 2012

  protected void InsertBtn_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(@"Data Source=Home\SQLExpress;Initial Catalog=MyDatabase;Integrated Security=True");
        SqlCommand insert = new SqlCommand("insert into tblUser(Uid, Name, Mobile, Email) values(@uid, @name, @mobile, @Email)", conn);
        //SqlCommand insert = new SqlCommand("insert into tblUser values('"+1+"','"+Name.Text+"','"+Mobile.Text+"','"+Email.Text+"')",conn);
        insert.Parameters.AddWithValue("@uid", 1);
        insert.Parameters.AddWithValue("@name", Name.Text);
        insert.Parameters.AddWithValue("@mobile", Mobile.Text);
        insert.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Email", Email.Text);

        catch (Exception ex)
            LMsg.Text = ex.Message;
        Name.Text = "";
        Mobile.Text = "";
        Email.Text = "";


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