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How to bind data in checkboxlist control of asp.net? and property of checkboxlist control

♠ Posted by Unknown in , at Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Checkboxlist: Creates a multi selection check box group that can be dynamically created by binding the control to a data source.

Data bind in CheckBoxList in asp.net following code for aspx page

 <asp:CheckBoxList ID="CheckBoxList1" runat="server"
   DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1" DataTextField="text" DataValueField="text">

Data Bind in CheckBoxList in asp.net following Code write in Code behind page

if (!IsPostback)

CheckBoxList1.DataSource = dataset/datatable/datasource;
CheckBoxList1.DataTextField = "tex";
CheckBoxList1.DataValueField = "text";


Use Full Property pf asp ListBox control as follow:

AppendDataBoundItems, AutoPostBack, CausesValidation, DataTextField, DataTextFormatString, DataValueField, Items, runat, SelectedIndex, SelectedItem, SelectedValue, TagKey, Text, ValidationGroup, OnSelectedIndexChanged

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