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Disadvatages of vb dot net Technology

♠ Posted by Unknown in at Thursday, April 02, 2015

Disadvantages of VB.NET

  1. Multi platform support is not available from Microsoft and isn't available straight after installing Visual Studio.
  2. Managed code can be slower than native code.
  3. Not suitable for High End Application.
  4. VB.Net performance lower compare to C,C++.
  5. Only few Operating System supports .NET.
  6. built in methods not available.
  7. .NET framework is free to download but Code Editor is costly. 
  8. .Net is very easy to reverse engineer any intelligent can decode your DLL or code. If you do not obfuscate your code, you may as well publish the source code.
  9. Additional installation requirements :The footprint of your application can be huge if it requires a version of .Net, which is not already on the computer and therefore must be  install first.
  10. Visual basic is a proprietary programming language written by Microsoft, so programs written in Visual basic cannot, easily, be transferred to other operating systems.
  11. There are some, fairly minor disadvantages compared with C,C++ has better declaration of arrays and its possible to initialize an array of structures in C at declaration time; this is impossible in VB.
  12. Does not support modern technologies, In Visual Basic 6, you cannot work with many modern technologies, especially the web technologies. 
  13. You cannot make a dynamic web site. Dynamic website is an online application for which VB6 does not have the development facilities. Though Internet programming is supported in Visual Basic 6. But you don't have enough power and flexibilities for making web applications using Visual Basic 6.
  14. Performance issue, The VB.NET applications run on .NET framework, which is an extra layer between the operating system and the application. So there is a performance issue.
Disadvantages of vb.net

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