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Disadvantages of WPF

♠ Posted by Unknown in , at Friday, April 03, 2015

Disadvantages of WPF

Disadvantages of WPF as Follow:

There's greater support in the 3rd-party control space for WinForms. (That's changing, but for now by advantage of time, WinForms has greater support in the community). 

WPF's in-box control suite is far more limited than that of WinForms.

Most developers already know WinForms; WPF provides a new learning curve.

Winform takes smaller resources than WPF.

WPF will not run on windows 2000 or lower.

No MDI child mode.

WPF will not run on windows 2000 or lower.

Winform takes smaller resources than WPF because you can test this your self by create 1 project in windowapplication with 1 empty form same as in Wpf Create one project then run both project WPF project take more time.

Disadvantages of WPF

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