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Disadvantages of ASP.NET Technology

♠ Posted by Unknown in , at Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Disadvantages of ASP.Net

Limited control compare to HTML:

Server controls render themselves as HTML(Hypertext markup language), but the HTML output usually failed to comply with web standards, and server controls generated irregular and complex ID values that are hard to access using JavaScript.

Big data in the view state:

annoying site visitors with slower response times and required the bandwidth demands of the server.

Limited support for testing:

The tightly coupled architecture designed is unsuitable for unit testing. Integration testing can be a great challenge, too.

Difficult Page Life cycle:

  •  Lots of people will not be able to effectively use ASP.NET page life cycle because it is very difficult the control hierarchy at run time or finding a proper event handlers to execute.
  • The page life cycles of the asp.NET page are well documented but the many number of events make the developer extremely difficult to figure out how and where to implement code.

Difficulty with MVC:

It is difficult to understand code and do programming when you need some customization. If you have everyday changes in your database, you may find it irritating to keep building application again and again. It may also create problem in several other parts of application.

Difficulty with Session:

Low Performance for large volumes of data and  Overhead involved for serializing and de-serializing the Session data.

Difficulty with Updatepanel:

the biggest disadvantage is that it still sends all the viewstate back and forward so you won't waste a lot of bandwidth. Another one's that most of the page life cycle still gets rum.

Disadvantages of Asp.Net

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