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Asp.Net Master Page Tutorial

♠ Posted by uvesh in , at Tuesday, August 05, 2014

What Is Master Page in Asp.Net and How To create master page in Asp.Net

What Is Asp.Net master page?

In Web site development with Asp.Net, the master page is a feature that enables you to define common structure and interface markup elements for your web Site, including headers, footers, style definitions, or navigation bars. The master page can be shared by any of the pages in your Web site, called the content page, and removes need to duplicate code for shared elements within your Web site.

For instance, if you would like to display a standard header and footer in each page of your website, then you can generate the standard header and footer in a Master Page. That’s how powerful a master page is to handle multiple forms and is easier to maintain throughout what the website looks like. Take note, the ID attribute uniquely identifies the placeholder, allowing you to put more than one placeholder in a master page.

How to Create Master Page in Asp.Net?

To start - open your Visual Studio 2008, File and choose New Web Site, choose C#.

Choose ASP.NET Empty Web Site. Make the default File System; you can change the file directory of your file. Just simply browse and name your folder where your file is being saved and click Ok.

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