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In ASP.net open window form as popup box with example

♠ Posted by Unknown at Wednesday, January 07, 2015

How To Open second window form as popup on first window form in Asp.Net

You can create popup window of window form in asp.net or vb.net windows application it is use full to take input from user or give hint information etc. You need use following step for open window form as popup window  :

Step 1: Create one form in window application name mainform.

Step 2 : Create second form in window application give name popupform.

Step 3 : Create any one event, on which particular event you want to open popup window.

Example of event: button Onclick, Mouse Click,etc

Step 4: in particular event write following code:

In code  behind of mainform :


using WindowsFormsApplication1;

in particular event :

new popupform().showDialog();

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