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Asp.Net TextBox Control example with its main property

♠ Posted by Unknown in at Sunday, August 17, 2014

Example of Basic Textbox and its property in asp.net

The TextBox control is used to create a text box where the user can input text or symbol.

A basic TextBox as follow:

<asp:TextBox id="textbox1" runat="server" />
<br /><br />
A basic TextBox: 

A password TextBox as follow:

<asp:TextBox id="textbox2" TextMode="password" runat="server" />
<br /><br />
A password TextBox: 

A TextBox with text as follow:

<asp:TextBox id="textbox3" Text="Hello World!" runat="server" />
<br /><br />

A TextBox with text: 

A multiline TextBox as follow:

<asp:TextBox id="textbox4" TextMode="multiline" runat="server" />
<br /><br />

A TextBox with height as follow:

<asp:TextBox id="textbox5" rows="4" TextMode="multiline"
runat="server" />
<br /><br />

A multiline TextBox: 

A TextBox with width as follow:

<asp:TextBox id="textbox6" columns="20" runat="server" />

A TextBox with height: 

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